Wet Wipes

The production of wet wipes is at the core of our company since its creation. Through the experience gained during the years we have reached a high quality production of our wet wipes. We produce a range of wet wipes that vary in size and purpose, as well as offering the client production of Private Label goods. 

Wet wipes soaked in solutions with different aromas that have a cleaning and refreshing action. 
Makeup removal
Wet wipes soaked with a solution that effectively removes the make up from your face.
Wet wipes soaked in a delicate solution – clean the intimate areas of your body leaving your skin with a lasting feeling of freshness.
After depilation
Scented wet wipes soaked in a solution containing natural oils suitable for different types of skin. The wipes remove any leftover wax on your skin at the same time relieving the treated part of the body.
Degreasing wet wipes
Soaked in solution to help you clean grease, grime, oil and more. Contain natural degreaser. Do not contain alcohol.
Car series
bullet-black Used to clean car screens – excellently cleans car screens and have anti fog effect.
bullet-black Used to clean and polish dashboards of cars – remove the dirt from the dashboard and leave it with a shiny finish. Can be used to clean the leather and plastic surfaces in the car.
bullet-black Wet wipes - clean greasy hands.
Shoe polish
Used to clean any dirt on your shoes leaving them with a shiny finish.