About us

History of the firm:

Tsilkov ltd was created in 1997 and is based in Karlovo, Bulgaria. The firm marks its beginning with the production of WC deodorants and wet wipes for larger companies.

Today a large percentage of the produce of the company can be linked to private label products. During the 15 years of existence we have gained valuable experience allowing us to offer our clients competitive and high quality products.

About us:

Tsilkov ltd specializes in the packaging and production of cosmetic and household products. The company manufactures a variety of single use wet wipes. Tsilkov ltd develops, produces and packages different types of crèmes, conditioners, shampoos and other fluid products. Moreover, the company packages powder like products in single use sachets. Tsilkov ltd produces toilet blocks in solid and liquid form, products to clean office equipment and depilation packs.

We are rather flexible with respect to the development and manufacturing of new products. We offer high quality packaging using 2 or 3 layer foils, canisters as well as different types of displays. We are able to work with different types and sizes of crepe paper and non – woven fabric. The size and the volume of filling of the sachets is customizable to the individual clients’ needs.

Our mission:

Tsilkov ltd aims at providing competitive and high quality products to its clients as well as highly valuing the relationships with its customers.